Let’s Cover the Basics…

7 10 2010

‘ Stop Doing Publicity to save money is like stopping the clock to save time’ Henry Ford

Let me help you understand how important it is to keep communication with your potential clients and how it might affect your business activity.

A lot of small and medium size business’ entrepreneurs trying to save some money on advertisement and at the same time run a sale of their products or services. Sounds ironic (…),  but that’s the fact! It’s understandable when the simple small ad or banner cost you so much that you start thinking of the alternatives and eventually give up.

First of all you have to ask yourself what’s your benefit of advertising your business and whether you want to spend the money you will probably never see again (depends on your right decision). Then think about your budget you are allowing to spend. When you more or less work out those figures, it comes to the most important step! What’s your targeted audience? Knowing that helps you choose media you should advertise at and which brings you the best investment return. Always remember that quality, value for money and media drives your business activity, whether it’s a word of mouth, ad in the newspaper, radio ad, billboard or ad in the tv. There’s always somebody out there, who’s waiting for your special offer or just simply looking for a good quality service. Don’t think about advertisement as another bill to your budget. Think more like long-term investment. By updating your ad more often, you are building subconsciously in people’s mind awareness about your business. If you are advertising books for instance, the first thought that’s going to pop up in targeted audience’s mind is your business. That’s how important it is to renew your ads, reach higher audience, and keep building your brand. And remember to come up with something new, create an eye-catching design, or introduce discount option to keep your audience ‘hungry’ for more. So don’t spend your money blind, plan your advertising campaign very carefully and you will experience the best return on this investment.

***Photo downloaded from the web***

***Photo downloaded from the web***

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